PocketTV gives you access to local and regional live TV channels as well as online streaming services, games, media sharing, mirroring from a phone or tablet and the ability to install and run to over one million apps. All in a compact, pocket-sized device.

It's a state-of-the-art innovation that transforms your TV into an all-in-one media device. And because it runs Android, you get a very powerful set-top box for your TV that can do almost anything. This tiny device truly packs a big punch!


PocketTV is a revolutionary product for telecom and cable operators. It's a rapid deployment solution that enables operators to deliver 21st century technology to their customers without having to invest heavily in new technology and back end systems.

At the same time, it helps keep customers engaged, happy and loyal by delivering live TV channels, innovative streaming services, on-demand content and a highly innovative app-based ecosystem of smart solutions. It just makes sense!


Pocket TV is currently reshaping the future of televisions. While there has been a revolution in smartphones, portable computing and smart homes, one of the few key areas in our lives that hasn't seen much change are our televisions.

Pocket TV delivers a future where set-top boxes are small, portable and inexpensive. Where you can access your local TV channels and your favourite online video streaming services on a single device that can also share content, mirror your phones and play games.

  • This is a top piece of kit. A great idea turned into reality! As I frequently travel abroad I take mine with me to keep up with UK TV as I can set up a VPN on the Pocket TV.

    Nick Adams – 29th Dec 2012
  • It’ll be very useful for showing off some Android apps or Android games on big TV screens to your friends or anyone that you encounter in your daily run.

    Techchee – 20th May 2012
  • A big selling point of the device is that it’s portable, so you can slap it into any TV, anywhere–on vacation, in the boardroom, at your parents’ house, etc.–and you have your computer up there on the screen.

    Hot Hardware – 20th May 2012
  • We can only say two more words about the Pocket TV: MIND. BLOWN.

    Mind of the Geek – 20th May 2012
  • This little device packs a punch. The Air Remote option makes this truly versatile.

    Android Community – 20th May 2012
  • A thumb-sized dongle that plugs directly into HDMI ports on existing TVs, bringing the power of Android to living rooms everywhere.

    PC Magazine – 20th May 2012

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